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Eleanora Fagan sunrise 4/7/15, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sunset 7/17/59, New York, New York.

AKA Lady Day and Holiday was her father’s last name, she got Billie from Billie Dove, an actress she admired.

She dropped out of school at 11 and worked in her mother’s restaurant.

When she was 12 she worked in a brothel running errands.

At age 14 she was a prostitute and sent to prison for months.

Her first recording was at age 18 with Benny Goodman.

Lady Sings the Blues was her ghostwritten autobiography.

She was 4 posthumous Grammy awards.

Audra McDonald won a Tony for her portrayal of Billie on Broadway.

She was one of the first black women to travel with a white orchestra, Artie Shaw was the conductor.

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