Black History Everyday

Black History Everyday 24/7/365, 366 in leap year. New fact everyday. Alexa skill too.

James Baldwin was brilliant.

Samuel L. Jackson has redeemed himself.

This should be the bible on race.

Martin Luther King Jr. sunrise 1/15/29 Atlanta, Georgia, sunset 4/4/68 Memphis, Tennessee.

Malcolm X sunrise 5/19/25 Omaha Nebraska, sunset 2/21/65 Manhattan, New York

Medgar Evers sunrise 7/2/25 Decatur, Mississippi, sunset 6/12/63 Jackson, Mississippi.

It’s directed by Raoul Peck and is nominated for best documentary at the 2017 Academy Awards.

Baldwin says “white is synonymous with power”.

“It is not the challenges that you face, but how you face the challenges”.

It is the best book proposal you’ll ever encounter.